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Morbid fashion - What does a fashion designer wear?


Currently going through a morbid fashion phase in case you havnt noticed. here are just some of the things that are currently inspiring my look which i will call - living dead doll.

Ive also blogged about the type of clothes that im wearing. But dont rule out pink, nude, purple, blue, grey, mint green and coral.

Blush, big eyes, beehive hair and bows and flowers galore help me to emulate my 18th century Marie Antoinette & french revolution fashions. Just look at the choker of dripping blood hanging in the 1st photo as a way to emulate the gilotined heads of this dark yet utterly fashionable time in history.

As a designer I think it is not only important to be inspired to create clothes for others, but that we should all be inspired by our own wardrobes. My self & my work continue to metamorphose, so lets see where this takes me in my next creations. : another look which reflects my tastes.